A quick guide to St Andrews election lingo

Want to know who the SSC actually are, or what an earth DoSDA stands for? You’re in the right place – this is a comprehensive guide to EAISA (Every Acronym In St Andrews).

SAB – The Students’ Association Board is where the real power lies in the Union. Thirteen people, namely the four Sabbs, the Association Chair, the SRC Senior Officer, the SSC Senior Officer, and six external non-student members make up the committee and the buck stops with them for all the Association’s operations and budgeting, and they are responsible for maintaining the Union’s charitable. Dr Frank Quinalt is currently the chairman.

SSC – This is now called the Union Council, but everyone still calls the Student Societies Council. All the societies of which every student is automatically a member (Mermaids, STAR, LGBT etc) have their leader sit on the Council. These leaders are elected during the elections in the second semester. They vote on the direction of the Union with regard to societies and extra-curricular opportunities for students. The DoSDA is a senior member of the SSC who reports on its activity to the SAB (see acronyms are fun!).

SRC – This is the other major committee to which we elect members. The Students’ Representative Council is made up of elected members. They are parallel to the SSC and vote on legislative matters in the Union.

Sabbs – The Sabbatical Officers, Sabbs for short, are elected in the March elections diet. They are students who take a year out from their studies to work full-time with a salary for the Union, trying to make the Bop better, among other things. The five sabbatical positions are listed below.

Association President – Chloe Hill currently sits cross-legged in the biggest chair in the corridor of power. She sits on the University’s governing body, and is in charge of redevelopment (sort of), strategic planning within the Union, and the general representing student rights to the University: a responsibility of all the Sabbs. She also has a great range of natty jumpers and walks like Rihanna.

DoSDA –  Kelsey Gold co-ordinates the SSC (remember them?) in her role as Director of Student Development and Activities and runs Freshers Fayre. They’re a time-consuming bunch, but she also works with the University and Careers centre on issues like acknowledging extra-curricular activities.

DoRep – Teddy Woodhouse is the current incumbent, and he works primarily in areas such as accommodation, education, welfare and environment issues, as well as dealing with people like class reps, and the organisation of most elements of democracy. He sits next to Chloe on the University’s governing body. Their games of noughts and crosses are stuff of legend, and Teddy is best known for his bow-ties. Seriously. Check them out.

DoES or DoServ – Dan Palmer is the Director of Events and Services. He runs events…and services. Like the Bop…and Freshers’ Week. He pretty much has the best job in the world. Rumour has it he also runs around the building site juggling bowling pins after dark.

AU President – Jess Walker is the woman in charge of building a swimming pool, and expanding the gym. It’s a big job, but that’s what the Athletic Union President is paid to do. Of course, that’s not the only thing, but you get the idea. They also look after the paid interns with the AU employs.

SSCC – Student Staff Consultative Committee. (Trying saying that after a few Messybombs!) You know those emails you get from class reps, asking you whether the seats in Purdie are comfortable enough? Well, those class reps all get to go to SSCC with their School President, where they feedback your complaints to your teachers.

Of course, that’s not everything, (the number of acronyms around the University is estimated to be over 9,000) but it’ll get you through most of the important stuff. I hope.#saelect memeThis is loosely based on my original post on The Saint