Where is the best sporting atmosphere in the world?

During my weekly radio show on STAR┬áthis week (Sunday 4pm – listen in), I discussed with Andrew McQuillan where the best atmosphere in an sporting venue in the world might be. For me, biased as I am, there can be nothing better than a European night at Anfield, in the days when we actually played in the Champions League, with You’ll Never Walk Alone being bawled out by 40,000 scousers while Steven Gerrard emerges from the tunnel. As I say, I am biased, but it ranks up there with England vs Ireland at Croke Park, any game at Lansdowne Road (before the renovation), or Borussia Dortmund playing at the Westfalenstadion as far as noise and sheer ambiance goes.

So, in the interests of interaction, I am asking you, the general public, to submit your vote for the best sporting atmosphere in the world. I’ve listed some, but you can submit one don’t see, and it could being anything from Test cricket at the MCG to the velodrome of London 2012: the results will be announced on next week’s show, and I’ll post a piece here with some Youtube-related proof of the top 5.

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